How to Care for Your Silk


      We pay careful attention to the quality of our silk and the level of detail that goes into each piece. All of our products are made with attention-to-detail and should be handled with care. 

      While silk is a delicate fabric, it is far more resilient than most people give credit for. In the office, we live in silk, which means we have a number of insider office tricks. If you don't have a steamer or you're short on time, turn on the kettle and wait until it is at full boil. Flip the lid open and run your piece over the steam, or slide your dress over the top of the kettle and let the steam rise from inside.

      If your silk pieces do accidentally make it into the washing machine or in front of a dehumidifier... it will lose that beautiful texture and feel dry. Wear it around the house to get moisture back into the garment and carry around a spray bottle of water. Spritz yourself every-so-often and continue on with your day. This completely saved a piece of mine.

      I can promise that we have already completed the trial-and-error processes on our end so you don't have to. If silk really was difficult to care for, we wouldn't choose to spend all of our days in silk.

      Follow this advice for the most beautiful wardrobe filled well-cared-for silk:

      Handwash with cool water and no detergent or a natural alternative to protect the fibres of the silk. Rinse with cold water and hang dry out of full light. For a smooth finish, iron on the reverse side using the silk setting, use a steamer, or simply hang in the bathroom while you shower. 

      If cared for properly, quality silk can become better with age. We are inspired by timeless designs and encourage you to keep your pieces for many years to come.