How to Care for Your Silk

We know that silk can be a daunting and unfamiliar fabric to understand when starting a collection, but at Silk Laundry – our pieces are made for busy people like us, which means a simple, time-efficient and sustainable care guide (no trips to the dry cleaners, or special cleaning products).
Silk is an incredibly beautiful and delicate fabric so we recommend a cold, gentle hand-wash with a rest in the shade to air-dry, it’s as simple as that, which means it’s a more affordable and environmentally friendly way to wash than your conventional methods.
We recommend washing one piece at a time using a bucket or plugged sink, with a gentle detergent diluted in cool water. Once immersed and completely saturated, you can leave your silk to bathe for 5-10 minutes (never longer than 30 minutes).
Once soaked, run cool clean water through your garment to rinse – then press between a towel or your hands directly to remove excess water (make sure to never wring or twist your garment).
The final step is to find a nice bit of shade (no direct sunlight) where you can either lay your piece flat on a drying rack or hang to air dry.
When it comes time to wear your Silk Laundry, a smoothing technique isn’t always necessary, as possible creases tend to fall when hung, but if you’d like to; steaming is the best method in keeping your pieces wrinkle-free.

Additional Tips:

Washing your piece in cool water not only helps elongate the life of your garment and bring life back to your silk, but will also help eliminate static.

To keep your silk looking its best, try to avoid contact with rough surfaces, and to be mindful of jewellery or accessories that will tug/rub and leave marks on the fabric.

If you don't have a steamer, an alternative method to this is hanging your piece in the bathroom while you shower, or using the steam off a freshly boiled kettle to run over any potential wrinkles.