Marina Ingvarsson On Creativity, Collaborations & Corporate Wear

Hailing from New York, Marina Ingvarsson is an influential creator, stylist, fashion editor and model. Here, she shares her take on creativity, collaborations and the trending subversive office wear movement. 

1. How have your creative practices added value to your life?

My creative practices as an influencer have enriched my life by providing a means for self-expression, fostering innovation, and bringing joy to my daily routine.

2. In fashion, what kind of pieces do you resonate with most?

Lately, I've been drawn to the subversive office wear trend, particularly pieces that blend professionalism with bold statements. Adding a touch of sophistication with reading glasses from Miu Miu completes the look, adding a unique flair to my style.

3. Have collaborations shaped your creative practices?

Collaborations have significantly influenced my creative practices. Working with others brings fresh perspectives, expands my creative horizons, and often leads to innovative ideas that I wouldn't have discovered on my own. Collaborations not only enhance the quality of my work but also foster networking opportunities and build strong relationships within the creative community, which is invaluable for continued growth and success.