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Article: Behind the Image: Flowers in Focus

Behind the Image: Flowers in Focus

Behind the Image: Flowers in Focus


Flowers in Focus

Flowers have been an integral part of Silk Laundry since the beginning.

In our designs, campaigns and boutiques, flowers have been present. This is why in April 2022, we initiated our first Silk Laundry Photography Competition, Flowers in Focus. It was our way of highlighting the significance and beauty of flora, to our brand and the world around us. We called on your botanical submissions, multiple and global entries welcomed.

Over the following four months, we received over 1,900 entries. One of the highlights of the competition was the diversity of the entries. Each submission showcased unique elements and styles. This was one of the reasons why the competition was so important to us - it was a way for us to connect with our local communities and hold space for people to express themselves through art.

The competition was adjudicated by none other than Silk Laundry’s Creative Director, Katie Kolodinski, alongside dear friends, Ezra Patchett and Ani Wilson. Each appreciating and nurturing art within their career and personal paths, their interpretations held immense credibility. After much deliberation, they came to a final decision.

The winner of the photography competition was awarded to Olivia Peters and her submission, Sunrise Lilies. Claire Dalton claimed second place with her photograph, Just Like Paper Daisies I Open With The Sun, and third place was claimed by Zorica Purlija for Magnolia Cap.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the Top 3 recipients and asked them what the inspiration was behind their image. Join us as we relish in the unique perspectives of each notable selection.



Sunrise Lilies, Olivia Peters

"My dining table sits right next to a large north-facing window, so the light from sunrise streams in most mornings. I was inspired by the way the light came through the sheer white curtains and illuminated the Lillies on the table - they happen to be my favourite flower. The colour of the sunrise paired perfectly with the orange of the Lillies. I was eating breakfast and getting ready for my prac as a primary school teacher. I couldn’t stop staring at the flowers. I snapped the photos, which in turn made me late for the day - totally worth it though!"

Instagram: @olliv.e

Just Like Paper Daisies I Open With The Sun, Claire Dalton
Second Place

"This was taken at Lizard Point in Main Range National Park, Queensland. It was my friend and I's first overnight hike, and after a sleepless night in a very cold cloud, we were elated to see the sunrise. The eastern face of the mountains begins to heat up, but the western side has no idea that another day has begun. We watched paper daisies gently celebrate the sun and unfurl under the light — which was reflective of how we felt that morning. The dynamic beauty of a world waking up to first light inspired me to capture it."

Instagram: @claire__dalton

Magnolia Cap, Zorica Purlija
Third Place

"I bought the Magnolia tree when it was quite small. I watched it grow over ten years, producing only a few white gems a year. Whenever I spot one, I get quite excited - such a gift. I wanted to photograph the intricate inside of the flower, and couldn’t help but notice the overlapping petals creating a perfect cap to its center. I love to use natural light when photographing."

Instagram: @zorica_purlija


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