4 of the Decade's Most Powerful Fashion Trends

and what they tell us about an evolving culture.



Athleisure made comfort desirable. It also furthered an understanding of self-care and offered a uniform to the movement. A wider cultural normalization of valuing and honoring oneself in the form of healthy and rewarding habits was inevitable with everyone running around in leggings and hoodies.


Since their ubiquity in early 2000’s fashion, logos saw a resurgence in the 2010’s. Snuck into high fashion under the influence of streetwear, they can be found each season, with contemporary and heritage brands alike adorning their pieces with self-referential graphics, re-defining what luxury looks like.


The comfort, the functionality, the hype. The latter years of the 2010’s democratized sneaker culture, allowing its moulding into an expansive design practice that encompasses technology, craftsmanship, sustainability and philanthropy all together. The chunkiness and flashiness that endeared us initially has transformed into a deep and cultivated appreciation for all that the sneaker can and should offer.

Ethical Fashion

Though the 2010s brought with it an endless parade of trends; flower crowns, chokers, big blazers, big shoes, tiny glasses and tiny bags, the decade’s ultimate conclusion was that sustainability is not fashionable, but essential. Consumers now require the companies they support to share not only their tastes, but their values.