Gift Guide

In this giving season, we’d like to spotlight some brands and retailers that offer quality products and share our values of mindfulness and considered living. Basing your gift choices on the businesses you’re supporting can minimize the overwhelming offerings of the internet and quiet the noise that surrounds this time of year. Whether it’s a gift to others or for yourself, it’s always the thought that counts and we think these brands make great gifts.

Carron Ceramics

Customizable ceramic dish-ware crafted by hand in Paris for the talented host in your life. A gift that combines timeless craftsmanship with intimate details to show thoughtfulness to its’ intended.

Taschen Basic Art Series

Our favourite thing to gift are books from the Basic Art Series published by Taschen. From impressionists to mid century furniture designers, the collection offers an in depth look at the most notable names in art history.

Frisson Knits

We always talk about layering our silk slips with cozy knits to transition from warm to cool weather, in these cases we are absolutely thinking of Frisson Knits wool sweaters. Each sweater is handmade entirely of New Zealand ethically-sourced wool. Frisson Knits produces a small amount of wholesale pieces to send to stockists, the rest of their pieces are commissioned through their website, where you can pick you colour and shape for a completely customized piece that will remain your favourite for years to come.

Moon Juice

Indulge in a reishi and ashwagandha blend to fuel your mind and spirit on the daily. Moon Juice’s products use plant-based alchemy to maximize the healing power of the organic ingredients they use. Their dusts can be mixed into coffee, smoothies or tea. As a gift, this ensures your receiver takes some time each day to engage in a healthy ritual.

Cire Trudon

Perhaps the most timeless gift is that of a candle. Give the gift of luxury with a Cire Trudon one. The rich history of the three hundred and seventy seven year old candle makers is exceeded only by the quality and timelessness of their scents. 


Our good friends at Ghoud design timeless handcrafted sneakers the Italian way. They experiment with colours and textures to create an entirely new sneaker experience for the senses. The result is a shoe devoid of hype, that’s value lies in its quality and originality.