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Article: 2023 in Reflection

2023 in Reflection

2023 in Reflection

In 2023, we introduced new styles, collaborated with local makers, embraced innovative technologies to craft more considerate garments, and curated bespoke evenings and workshops in our local stores. The year unfolded as a testament to heightened consciousness—both within our local communities and on a global scale. We proudly showcased four engaging collections featuring essential new styles, collaborated closely with local makers, harnessed new technology for considerate garment creation, and hosted unique activations in our local stores.

As we reflect on the year's highlights, we explore our commitment to a conscious ethos and our drive to cultivate a more considerate world.

The Four Collections: 

Revisit some of our defining collections of the year where realms of activism, storytelling and conscious fashion collide. 

Perceptions Collection

This collection aims to unravel the detrimental impact of human activities and oil spills on wildlife and nature. Each garment showcases a unique aesthetic characterised by bold exploitation of colour and texture. In an era marked by increasingly frequent man-made disasters and oil spills, we intend to initiate conversations about the lethal consequences, highlighting that even a dime-sized drop of oil can be fatal to birds and wildlife. Whether small or large in scale, these disasters underscore the urgent need for collective efforts to better protect the natural world, its wildlife, and the most vulnerable among us.

Magic Mushrooms

For this collection, Creative Director and Founder Katie Kolondinski drew inspiration from the innate beauty of mushrooms. The mesmerising patterns, natural medleys and boundless vitality of these fungi served as the creative touchstones, influencing the introduction of new styles and prints, including mesh and silk crochet. Beyond their aesthetic allure, mushrooms play a vital environmental role—sequestering carbon and mitigating impacts by breaking down toxins to enrich soils. Embodying themes of power, resilience, and environmental renewal – this collection celebrates the transformative qualities that mushrooms bring to land, fostering a more diverse and vibrant ecosystem.

Open Spaces

Inspired by abstract artists and stories of deep friendship, Katie brought this collection to life on a road trip from Barcelona to the South of France. Harnessing ideas of connection, creative inspiration and artistic expression this collection pays tribute to a gift Katie received from our designer Laura Prochowski. Embodying the untamed spirit of wild horses, this collection artfully captures the beauty of wild horses—a symbol of freedom and courage.

Nature’s Laboratory

Motivated by the desire to raise awareness about biodiversity and those dedicated to caring for our planet, this collection took shape after Katie visited the Amazon jungle. The key motif in this collection was the ‘Hot Lips’ print, a design inspired by the endangered Psychotria Elata plant that catalysed the entire collection. Other bold prints like Leopard and Snake Skin debuted in this final collection of the year. 

Our Stores 

We fostered engagement with our local Silk Laundry communities by orchestrating activations across our diverse array of stores. From a jewellery-making workshop in Brisbane with Jean Riley to Melbourne’s Christmas soiree with EF Studios, we cultivate connections with our local communities wherever we are. Bespoke dinners alongside Sophie from Club Sup brought our community together over food, while a collaboration with Narjia Brownlie celebrated art and creativity. Whether it's through a silk-dyeing workshop or a styling session tailored for corporate professionals, we are committed to introducing our wearers to the Silk Laundry world and cultivating enduring connections across various facets.

To cap off 2023, we opened our bespoke Paddington Store in Sydney. Retaining the elevated ambience of Silk Laundry, we look forward to serving our community there and are looking forward to unfolding new locations in the new year. 

Our Collaborations: 

This year we worked with a range of creatives, not-for-profits and local brands that share our visions of creating fashion that is conscious of our planet and those in it. 

From working with Manos Del Uruguay to craft our Big G Cardigans – our first ever knitwear garment carefully made by the expertise of at least two female artisans part of the organisation. Creating this heritage piece drew on artisanal craft and inspiration from the richness of Uruguay's culture and shone a light on the power of community and traditional crafts.   

Our Hot Lips Tee X The Social Studio (TSS) embodied Silk Laundry’s passion for sparking conversations about the world around us while simultaneously supporting TSS – an organisation dedicated to supporting refugees and migrants with roles in the fashion industry. TSS has strong environmental precautions by adhering to Ethical Clothing Standards and produces the garments locally in Melbourne. 

Another bespoke collaboration with FAZEEK led to our fragrant candle inspired by the Amazon Rainforest. In line with our final collection of the year, Nature’s Laboratory – we debuted a limited edition candle with notes of bergamot, fresh rain, palo santo, rosemary, cedar, rose petals, oregano oil and fir needle & earth to transform your space into a tranquil, fresh haven. 

Our initiatives: 

Our commitment to philanthropy and prioritising our planet continued throughout 2023 as we furthered and grew our Silk Laundry initiatives. 

Art Prize

This year celebrated the second year of the Silk Laundry’s Art Prize. Delving into the artistic talent of our community, under the umbrella of Nature’s Laboratory this year’s theme ‘The mesmerising world of insects,’ saw creativity from all across the globe. See this year’s incredible array of talent here.  

Flowers for Ukraine

To drive proceeds to Ukrainian communities, we are pleased to sell bespoke floral arrangements at our stores. This ongoing campaign has now raised over $40,000 and is something we are extremely proud of. 

Silk Laundry Summit x Project 166

Project 166 was conceptualised by founders Katie Kolodinski & Reece Rackley after they purchased a 1,200-acre plot of land in 2020. The land was tragically destroyed by traditional farming and logging, so Project 166 aims to regenerate the land by planting trees. To date, Project 166 has planted over 10,000 trees and this year we held a summit with our staff, taking them off the grid while contributing to the overall vision of Silk Laundry – prioritising our world.


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